AAC Plant

AAC Plant

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We are a successful manufacturer of AAC Plant. This lightweight and concrete building component provides fire resistance, insulation, speed, and many other benefits. The offered AAC material can be used for both external and internal construction plus it can be sanded, routed on site as per the requirement. Our material can be covered with POP, cement plaster or stucco compound and different type of  siding elements like vinyl and brick can be utilized to coat the exterior part. Moreover, customers can acquire this AAC Plant at reasonable rates.

Important Features
  • Environment Protection
  • Fire Resistant:
  • Enegry Saving:
  • Excellent Acoustic Performance:
  • Ventilation:
  • Non toxic:
  • Lightweight:
  • Rapid on-site assembly:
  • Long Life
  • Accuracy:
  • High load-bearing strength
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • High economy
  • Effortless handling, rapid construction
  • Best thermal insulation, 6 - 10 times better than regular dense concrete
  • Unsurpassed fire-resistance = life, property and insurance cost saver
  • Excellent sound absorption, ideal for the hospitality industry
  • Good workability, better than wood (can be drilled, nailed, milled at site)
  • Hurricane and earthquake resistance
  • Not rotting (contrary to timber)